An exploration of people, culture, and humanity.

I am a social scientist focused on helping people create a better world through stronger connections with each other.

My interests are rooted in the human experiences of systems and culture, be they family, work, community, and pretty much everything in between and spilling out from the inside.

I write in an attempt to process and understand these things in the context of why we do what we do in the world, and what we can’t do better for humanity.

That’s where this newsletter comes in.

Informed and framed by my roles as a human, scholar-practitioner, and assistant professor of Social Entrepreneurship, this is a chronicle of the human experience of systems and culture and their influence and impact on our humanity. Because we’re so involved and engaged in the individuality of our own lives, we can’t always grasp the implications of human agency on humanity. This newsletter explores what it means to be an individual existing in and navigating multiple sub-cultures and the effect it all has on our greater humanity.

I don’t have any answers. But, I do have a lot of questions to explore.


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Exploring and understanding the human experience in systems and culture, be they family, work, or community in hopes of building a better world.


I am a social scientist most interested in understanding the human experience in systems and culture, be they family, work, or community. I am a researcher, assistant professor of social entrepreneurship, and founder of the David Harkins Company.